Monday, 21 March 2011

Feijoas !

As an amazing summer is drawing to a close we are always rewarded by nature in Autumn in New Zealand with a bumper crop of Feijoas ! Its somewhat a kiwi Icon now  - The backyard delight to say the least . I know as child growing up in Suburban Hamilton  everyone had a feijoa tree or had a neighbour that had one . So the first thing we did on moving into our new house 4 years ago was say goodbye to oaks & say hello the humble Feijoa ! We planted 3 trees that serve us very well indeed ... But to make the amounts of cake that I am going to be doing & posting I needed more ! Luckily my dear neighbour has a bout 20 trees & another has a HUGE tree that produces thousands! Whoopeeee , so in the next few weeks I am attempting  a few recipes some new, some old please stay tuned !


  1. I thought of you my babe - you wouldn't believe how many I have .... I will take a pic of said neighbours tree ! Oh & you have MANGOES !!!